Origin:  São Paulo, Brasil

Style:  Alternative rock, heavy rock

Years in activity:  2016 - present



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A Brief Biography

Smashing Dreams are a heavy rock/alternative band formed in São Paulo, South East Brazil, in 2016 by good friends and songwriters Victor Dehé and Daniel Stunges.  


Band members include: Victor Dehé - lead vocals and guitars Daniel Stunges - guitars and backing vocals Lucas Ribeiro - drums  

Octave pedals and split signals for Guitar and Bass amplifiers fill out the the band's low, medium and high tones.  Even though they see themselves as a heavy rock/alternative band, their influences span among a variety of different subgenres that blend into each other from song to song. An amalgamation of punk and surf rock, for example, appears in one song, while the 70's Hard Rock style appears in another.  


In 2017, they played along the independent circuit of São Paulo with appearences in some notable venues like Hangar 110, Jai Club, and Morfeus Club, as well as a participation in the Underground Voices Compilation from Fusa Records.  


Early 2018, the band began the ground work for their first Album which consists of 8 original tracks. It was an independent production all the way through and the launch date for online platforms is set for November 9th.  

Release Date November 9th 2018

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